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Griggs Orthopedics is proud to sponsor professional biking, skimo and running teams. Each team is unique in what they do, but similar in what we represent. gO emphasizes that our athletes maintain positive & proactive attitudes, help each other and our communities at races and are ambassadors to the sport which we represent. Learn more about each team below…

Griggs Orthopedics Training/Coaching

GO is currently offering custom training programs for a small monthly fee. Whatever month, whatever season, whatever sport…we have customized training programs to fit your lifestyle and personal goals for the season. We are currently offering training programs for the upcoming season.. <more


Griggs Orthopedics GO MOVE

There are a lot of fad diets out there today, a lot of which require fasting, dieting or taking a ‘magic pill’ which claims to help you lose weight and increase energy. We feel that a lifestyle rich in exercise, healthy eating habits and setting personal fitness goals is the key to increasing performance, losing weight and being healthy. <more


Crested Butte gO DevO

Our Devo programs are geared toward the young athlete who is looking for an introduction to racing and setting goals for races/challenges in biking, running and skimo racing. The programs will focus on education in eating habits, an introduction to some structured training and coaching from a gO coach in that discipline. The end goal will focus on starting a healthy lifestyle based around racing and performance. Baseline fitness and bloodwork testing can be done if desired (older athletes).  <more


gO Girl Program

More to come on our gO girl programs! Stay tuned.. <more


gO Performance LogoMISSION

We inspire our athletes to learn, exceed expectations, surpass goals, stay active, train with purpose and succeed at all levels and age groups. We provide the medical and performance resources to sustain a healthy lifestyle by promoting and supporting athletic opportunities in the Gunnison valley and beyond.

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