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Osmo Patch

Prefer to avoid drugs, steroids or undergo painful & invasive procedures?

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The OSMO Patch when used in combination with adequate rest provides effective support to reduce inflammation, swelling and the associated pain due to bursitis, baker’s cysts, tendonitis, carpel tunnel as well as many other similar joint and muscular inflammatory conditions. Whether you are looking to support your current treatment regime or just wishing to try and avoid invasive surgery, painful drainage syringes, cortisone shots and damaging anti-inflammation medications, then the OSMO Patch just may be the answer you have been searching for..

  • Contains no anti-inflammatory medications
  • Contains no steroids
  • Is completely pain-free!

How does the OSMO Patch work?

How do they work?

We are very often asked the question… ‘Exactly how does the OSMO Patch work?’

It is so pleasing for us to see how many people are now taking such an active approach to better understanding their treatment options in order to maximize their health outcome.

To best answer this question the folks at OSMO Patch produced this short easy to follow 4-5 min video at the request of many of our customers. We hope that this video is helpful in allowing you to better understand the biological processes which allow the OSMO Patch to naturally remove fluid, reduce swelling and alleviate the associated pain.

How do I order?

Call us! Griggs Orthopedics stocks the OSMO Patch and can send to you directly, 970.964.8472.

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