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Rotator Cuff / Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain in the active patient can be due to many causes.  Two general categories of shoulder problems are overuse and degeneration (wear-and-tear).  Depending on age, function, severity, and patient expectations, a plan of treatment can be outlined by the orthopedist and the patient. Most overuse-type shoulder problems are caused by tendonitis.  Most-commonly, the rotator Read More >

Amendment 69

While everyone would agree that high quality, cost-effective healthcare for every citizen of The United States, let alone Colorado, should be our goal, the proposed Colorado state amendment 69 does not get us there. A bloated state government with a bureaucratically appointed governing board controlling the entire healthcare market in the state of Colorado would Read More >

Platelet Rich Plasma: PRP

Did you know that we offer PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections? PRP injections are used to treat knee and shoulder osteoarthritis. The injections are also used to treat various forms of tendinitis, such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis and patellar tendinitis. Sometimes PRP is used during surgery for rotator cuff repairs to help with tissue Read More >