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Zach Guy

Breckenride 68/100

Boys Weekend Out

After an exhausting work week, I had all but written off going to the Breck 100 until I got of series of late night (beer-induced?) texts urging me to harden up. An all-guys contingent from Team GO was rallying to Breckenridge for some of the best marathon racing in the country. Sounded too fun to miss. Some of the pre-race highlights included Brian Smith accidentally using a mini-bottle of Squirt Lube instead of his eye drops, and Dave Ochs acting out his top 3 most embarrassing chamois cream moments in our hotel room.  On race day, Team GO came out charging. High elevation riding, lots of climbing, a mix of flowy and techy trails, and some inclement weather gave us mountain boys an advantage.  Bryan Dillon took first in the B68, with Brian Smith and myself finishing 4th and 6th. Stewart Gross’s newly regrown mustache piloted him to a top ten finish in the B100.  Chris Munro and Josh Gallen both won their respective age categories.  It was a dominating weekend from the guys at Griggs Orthopedics.  I was super impressed with how smooth and quiet my drivetrain held up through all the muddy racing, thanks to Squirt Lube.  And I got to break in my brand new Stan’s Race Gold Wheels, which literally dropped more than a pound off my bike but rode strong and flawlessly all day.  Looking forward to the Leadville 100 next month!

– Zach Guy

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