Shari Sullivan-Marshall

Shari Sullivan-Marshall

Shari Sullivan-Marshall

Hometown: Crested Butte, CO

Age 46

Shari’s passion for running began at the age 10 when she would be dragged out of the house for short runs by one of her brothers.  His persistence paid off as she quickly made a name for herself in the Minnesota running scene with a stellar high school and collegiate career. Throughout the years, running became as important as sleeping and eating to help strike a balance as a wife, mom, teacher, and friend. Shari has been running the trails of Crested Butte for over two decades.

Although Shari dabbled in trail races once she moved to Crested Butte, she generally would choose a road marathon as her training focus each year.  In 2003, she signed up for her first Pike’s Peak Ascent, a half marathon up the Barr Trail with almost 8,000 feet of elevation gain. Since then, Sullivan-Marshall has traveled all over the West discovering new trails and races. The atmosphere of a trail race has a great energy and vibe as well as an amazing community of runners. Currently, Shari focuses on being the top master runner (40+) in races while still placing as high as possible in the overall standings.

As a coach, Sullivan-Marshall began her career as an assistant cross country and track coach at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.  Once in Crested Butte, she started the high school track and cross country programs. After a hiatus from coaching for a few years while her children were young, she returned to coaching high school as the assistant cross country coach.   Helping young runners set and reach goals while creating a passion for running is the main focus of Sullivan-Marshall’s coaching. She extends this mission by coaching adults in both trail races and marathons. Shari has helped countless runners set PRs in trail races and marathons.

Shari has a great support crew of her husband, Dano and children, Sully (13) and Liam (11). They have waited at many finish lines over the years!

2013 Results

  • 1st Master,  5th place La Sportiva Tablerock 27k, Stinson Beach, CO  2:32 Master CR
  • 3rd Master, 6th place Barr Trail Mountain Race, Manitou Springs 2:09
  • 1st Master, 4th place William O’Brien 10 mile Trail Race, Marine, MN 1:22 Master CR
  • 3rd Master, 5th  place Jemez Trail ½ Marathon, Los Alamos, NM 2:12
  • 1st Master,  3rd place Black Canyon Ascent , Montrose, CO 52:45

2012 Results

  • 2nd Master, 16th place  Moab Trail Marathon, Moab, UT 4:17

USATF Trail Marathon Master National Champion Runner-up

  • 1st Master, 2nd Place Lead King Loop 25k,  Marble, CO 2:26

USATF Colorado 25k Master State Champion

  • 2nd Master, 12th place  Pike’s Peak Ascent, Manitou Springs CO 3:17
  • 1st Master, 5th place La Sportiva Mountain Cup
  • 2nd Master, 4th  place Jemez Trail ½ Marathon, Los Alamos, NM 2:05
  • 1st Master,  4th  place Black Canyon Ascent , Montrose, CO 52:46
  • 1st Master,  3rd place Moab Red Hot 33k, Moab, UT 2:51

2011 Results

  • 1st  Master, 3rd  Place North Rim 20k, Montrose, CO 1:32
  • 1st Master,  2nd place Grin and Bear It Trail Run, Crested Butte, CO 1:29
  • 1st Master, 3rd  Place  Black Canyon Ascent , Montrose, CO 53:17

2010 Results

  • 1st Master, 2nd Place Lead King Loop 25k,  Marble, CO 2:30
  • 2nd Master, 5th  Place  Mt. Evan’s Ascent, Idaho Springs, CO 2:28
  • 1st Master, 3rd  Place Black Canyon Ascent, Montrose, CO 52:57
  • 1st Master, 2nd  Place, Greenland 25K, Denver, CO 2:07

2009 Results

  • 2nd Master, 4th  Place Imogene Pass Run, Ouray, CO  2:59
  • 2nd  Master, 2nd  Place Kendall Mountain Run, Silverton, CO 2:13
  • 1st  Master, 4th  Place, Mt. Evan’s Ascent, Idaho Springs, CO 2:32
  • 1st place, Turquoise Lake ½ Marathon, Leadville, CO 1:43

Other Notable Performances

  • 3 top ten performances,  Pike’s Peak Ascent, Manitou Springs, CO
  • 2 2nd place finishes, Triple Crown of Running Series, Manitou Springs, CO
  • Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee, University of St. Thomas
  • 8 time NCAA All-American, Cross Country & Track