Meta Haley

Meta Haley

Meta Haley

Hometown: Sewickley, PA

Age 27

I started running after an injury in college cut my soccer career short.  Up until then, running had been something I had to do as part of fitness training for soccer – but it was all I was left after my injury and overtime I started enjoying it more and more. I started racing by chance really – a former coach of mine planted the insane idea of running a marathon during a weekend visit to his home in Cleveland (at the time I had yet to surpass 10 miles).  I think he knew the competitive side of me would not be able to say no – and he was right – I struggled through the race that weekend completely under prepared, but I finished and he got me hooked – I have been racing ever seen (albeit with a bit more training).

I enjoy running because its a great opportunity for “me” time – no matter what else is going on throughout the rest of a busy day, my run is a great chance to clear my mind, do something I enjoy, and challenge myself to get better.  And pretty much no matter what – no matter how you felt when you started or how much you suffered through the workout – you feel good at the end.



Favorite Pre-race/Post-race foods: Peanut Butter & Jelly / Ice Cream!!


Shoe of Choice: Toss up between Nike Lunar Racers & New Balance Minimus


Race of Choice: Half Marathon/Marathon


Favorite Mexican Dish: Any Mexican dish with guacamole


What has running meant to me?: Running has given me a new outlet to find myself in athletically.  I have always been a competitor, and running has allowed me to fill some of the void left by my soccer injury and establish a new passion that has allowed me to continue striving to become a better athlete.  It has also provided me with the chance to discover new things about myself, travel to some special places, and form new friendships with people who share that passion.


What do you do to give back to running?: I have done some coaching, working with middle school and high school athletes to improve speed, agility, and conditioning and I enjoy being able to help young individuals strive for their athletic goals.  In the future, I look forward to practicing medicine as a physician and helping athletes get back to what they love as quickly as possible.  For now, I think my biggest contribution is getting people out and running – I love encouraging others to sign up for races and sharing the excitement of crossing the finish line with them. 


Dr. Griggs has taught me: So much I am not even sure where to begin.  He has been an irreplaceable mentor, professionally and personally, sharing so much valuable knowledge and advice about orthopedics and medicine with me throughout my medical school journey.  And he has set an incredible real world example of balancing life as an exceptional surgeon with having a wonderful family and continuing to be a dedicated athlete and leader in his community. 


Favorite Role Model: My Mom and Dad – two of the most incredible people that I know and I simply would not be where I am or who I am without their incredible love and support.


Favorite bird to hunt and why: Bald eagle – have never seen one and would love to knock it off my bucket list of things to do!


2013 Race Schedule
Pittsburgh Marathon – May 5
New Fairfield Half Marathon – June 23
Gothic Half Marathon – July 4
Living Journeys Half Marathon – July 24
Grand Traverse Run – August 24
Fall Marathon – TBA